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Eco Tour In India


Highlights : Indiaís most famous tropical Island, verdant and lush green where you will experience some of the untouched Eco-spheres of pristine beauty beyond imagination. The Andaman, a chain of Islands in the Bay of Bengal, remained in a charmed cocoon from explores for centuries, as the tempestuous  waters and dense forest blocked all entrances. As a result, today the islands are unspoiled treasure trove of exotic flora.  The midst  of a lapis lazuli sea, 650 different  tropical  plants (540 indigenous to the island) grow in all their lush greenery.  Where nature has not woken  up to the rest of the world
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[These Eco Tour Programs are best run with minimum 6 travelers to a group & more]

The Andamans, a chain of islands in the Bay of Bengal, remained in a charmed Cacoon from explorers for centuries, as the tempestuous waters and dense forest blocked all entrances. As a result, today the islands are an unspoilt treasure trove of exotic flora. In the midst of a lapis lazuli sea, 650 different tropical plants (540 indigenous to the island grow in all their lush greenery. Where nature has not waken up to the rest of the world.

A tropical shangrila, verdant and lush, these isles are Indiaís answer to the best of Hawaii- and what is more they are untouched and pristine beyond imagination.

Just picture this scenario golden white beaches, as clean and uncluttered as on the day this earth was created. No tins, no cans or plastic bags. No orange peels or slicks-just the call of a cockatoo and your footprints on the sand. Fringing these marvelous beaches on one side are some of the cleanest waters under the shimmering turquoise and transparent as glass beneath these, the fabulous coral reefs of the great Indian Ocean invite you to marvel at their mysteries.

An unbelievable mere 15 meters away on the other side of this sandy strip is a thick, dense rain forest with birds of paradise and exotic blooms within arms reach.

Topographically the island are hilly in places, covered with tropical jungle and interspread with flat stretches of crescent shaped marvelous mix of natures most precious delights the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are one in a lifetime holiday experience.

The call of the wild, lure of the islands is backed by an efficient tourist support network that caters to every possible comfort. There are categories, island taxis, ferries, boats and of course the entire sea adventure are full of opportunities and equipment for swimming , scuba diving, wind surfing, snorkeling or lazing on the beach - corbynís cove, Sippi Ghat water sports complex, wonder beach, jolly bouy island and the cinque islands are some adventure spots.

Take a walk in the moonlight. When the Sea the sand come alive with a magical phosporescenes. When the bright yellow night Hibicus has begun to bloom, when the Padauk tree with its richly hued bark shines in shades varying from light cinnamon to rich crimson.

Here one can hide away on an Island. A board signs supplied once a week. So you can go back to nature in peace and discover a whole new relationship together.

The Andaman & Nicobar Islands are veritable garden of Eden and a naturalists haven. The tropical rain forest and the warm waters of the Indian. Ocean are the habitat of a vast collection of plant, animal and marine life. The canopied forests themselves have an amazing variety of timber, foliage and blooms. The Andaman paduk, the yellow hibiscus, the while lily, the pandanus, the exotic array of orchids, mangrove forest, palms & evergreen creepers are to name but a few of the 650 species of plant life found here.

By air - Indian airlines connects Port Blair with Calcutta, Madras.
There are ships sailing from Madras & Calcutta Ports and occasional from Vishakapatnam. The journey takes approx. three days.

Welcome group Bay Island Hotel, on a hill above the sea. Designed with local wood by Charles Correa, each room has walls and a balcony, but the rest of the hotel, including the bar and restaurant, is just verandah. So it is just a man and sea.

The other casual but comfy hotel is the 40 room Andamans Beach Resort Peerless at Corbynís cove beach. Set back from the sea by a verdant garden.

While domestic tourist can visit any part of Andaman and Nicobar except restricted areas, foreigners are allowed to visit only the following areas with prior permission obtained from : Indian Mission outside India.

Foreign Regional registration offices at Delhi, Bombay and Calcutta.

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