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Eco Tour In India



Highlights : There is no doubt that Mahaseer remains Asia’s premier sporting fish. Aptly called “Maha” - great and Seer- head or lion, the Mahaseer retains its status as the prize for all committed fisherman. To keen angler offers two exclusive packages, one on the Beas, in Himachal Pradesh the other on the Cauvery, in Karnataka. The location of the fishing camp in Karnataka is unique with the stretch of the Cauvery river which is about 12 kms. and abounds in sudden deep pools where there is abundant food for the legendary “Mahaseer”. The camp is also in the vicinity of the wild elephant sanctuary & sandalwood countryside. 100 Kms from  Bangalore off the village of Bhimeshwari lies the Cauvery fishing camp on the banks of the river Cauvery. The green tents that serve as accommodation blend beautifully with the undisturbed  countryside, the food is simple but  nourishing and the staff courteous and experienced
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[These Eco Tour Programs are best run with minimum 6 travelers to a group & more]

CAUVERY FISHING CAMP is 100 kms from Bangalore down the Kanakpura highway and off the village of Bhimeswari lies of the Cauvery fishing camp. Situated on the banks of Cauvery river, the fishing camp is an ideal spot for quiet river lovers and a paradise for anglers.

The Cauvery river is perhaps the only one in the world that is still home to the Mahseer, whose name has probably been framed from words Maha - great and Sir-head, the Mahseer retains its status as king.

Its location this stretch of the river Cauvery about 12 kms abounds in sudden deep pools where there is abundant food for Mahseer.

The great tents that serve as a accommodation blend beautifully with the green of the undisturbed country side, the food is simple but nourshingly the talk everywhere is of Mahseer, the proud, shining aris-to-cat of river.

At Cauvery Fishing camp, Fishing is nearly a sport. The fish that are caught here are weighed, photographed and immediately released back into the water.

The Cauvery fishing camp is a tribute to the mighty Mahseer. A coracle, a circular, rustle boat is an absolute necessity for fishing midstream or to go to the other side of the river as there are no fordable points the basket boat also gives you a breath taking view of gorge and its wealth of vegetation and land life.

The Mahseer remains Asia’s premier sporting fish two species of Mahseer found are Deccan Mahseer and High Backed Mahseer.

100 kms from Bangalore which is the nearest airport connected by air with Bombay, Delhi, Madras.

Cauvery fishing camp- the camp has comfortable tents with camp cots, mosquito nets, showers and toilet facilities. A well stocked camp Kitchen is maintained. A thatched Golghar provide the place for dinner and other activities during the day. A staff of about 20 run the well attended camp, with mess, Golghar, tents, expert Naturalists, fishing ghillies, guards and cooks, with jeeps, coracles and assistance.

From December to March.


Elephants, spotted deer Sambar wild boar and four horned antelope are occasionally seen while fishing.

An incredible array of bird life is constantly to be observed. So species have been identified.

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