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Eco Tour In India


Tourism should be transforming, fascinating, intensely personal yet sharable experience of the natural, cultural and ethnic treasures that exist in out world  and that make it such a wonderful  place. Travel should be transforming, enriching, rejuvenating and fulfilling. Travel in not luxury and more but a healthy and rewarding necessity in our fast changing global village. Tourism must be respectful and responsible.

Four pillars of Eco- tourism.

- Minimum environment impact.
Minimum impact on and maximum respect for host cultures.
Maximum economic benefits of host country “Grass roots” .
Maximum re - creation satisfaction to participating tourists :  come back a new

Eco tourism is a vacation concept, which falls into three board categories.  

- Working on a community based project for a volunteer organization.
Journey on outdoor adventure that includes protecting of environment by planting
   trees or on site maintenance.

Taking a trip with a specialist to increase one’s awareness of fragile Eco system  or endangered culture. You have an opportunity to work on a community based project for a volunteer organization; journey on outdoor adventure that includes protecting of environment by planting trees or on site maintenance; taking a trip with a specialist to increase one's awareness of the fragile Eco systems or endangered cultures. All these activities with minimum environment impact, minimum impact on and maximum respect for host cultures, maximum economic benefits of host country 'grass roots' and maximum re creation satisfaction to participating tourists: 'come back a new person!.'

The concept seeks to take you to some places where other travelers may not get to. It helps you learn and understand a little more about conservation, nature, beauty and indigenous culture.


Highlights : India’s most famous tropical Island, verdant and lush green where you will experience some of the untouched Eco-spheres of pristine beauty beyond imagination. The Andaman, a chain of Islands in the Bay of Bengal, remained in a charmed cocoon from explores for centuries, as the tempestuous  waters and dense forest blocked all entrances. As a result, today the islands are unspoiled treasure trove of exotic flora.  The midst  of a lapis lazuli sea, 650 different  tropical  plants (540 indigenous to the island) grow in all their lush greenery.  Where nature has not woken  up to the rest of the world
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Highlights : Once an impregnable fortified city - today more famous for the Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary. Where soft gray and white   clouds with sudden  flashes of brilliance- change to a whirring of wings and bird songs as they draw nearer. The Indian Saras and Siberian Crane, all in the sky loud with the beat of feathers against a sunset of the most incredibly, stagnant sway. This tour takes the participating members to the most famous of North India’s bird sanctuary where one can watch more than three hundred varieties of avifauna in their natural habitat including the annual migratory birds - Siberian Cranes.  
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Highlights : There is no doubt that Mahaseer remains Asia’s premier sporting fish. Aptly called “Maha”  - great and Seer- head or lion, the Mahaseer retains its status as the prize for all committed fisherman. To keen angler offers two exclusive packages, one on the Beas, in Himachal Pradesh the other on the Cauvery, in Karnataka. The location of the fishing camp in Karnataka is unique with the stretch of the Cauvery river which is about 12 kms. and abounds in sudden deep pools where there is abundant food for the legendary “Mahaseer”. The camp is also in the vicinity of the wild elephant sanctuary & sandalwood countryside. 100 Kms from  Bangalore off the village of Bhimeshwari lies the Cauvery fishing camp on the banks of the river Cauvery. The green tents that serve as accommodation blend beautifully with the undisturbed  countryside, the food is simple but  nourishing and the staff courteous and experienced.
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Highlights : Kaziranga National Park covers area of 430 sq. kms of grass land and impenetrable vegetation comprising thorny rattan green elephant grass and tall semi-deciduous forest. The park with the mighty Brahmaputra river flowing to its north is approachable either from Guwahati or Jarhat in Assam. The tour visits the last of the one horn rhino conservation national park set amidst the Assam Himalayas in Eastern India  with well preserved wildlife.  
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Highlights : There is a Kerala that lives along these back waters, throbbing with its own unique culture. For you, as a visitor to Kerala it can be an incredibly different experience just floating these waters in a country  craft and absorbing this unusual representation of Kerala life. A relaxed tour taking the members through the backwaters of Kerala in South India. One sees the unique culture of the State, overnights are spent at indigenously made country boats and absorbing the unusual representation of Keralas’ life in its tranquility are few of the lifetime experience included in this tour.
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Highlights : Cradled in the Southern crest of the upper Palani hills, in the Western Ghats, 120 kms from Madurai, Kodaikanal rises 2, 133 meters above sea level founded by American missionaries in 1845, Kodaikanal is steeped in history. Relics and artifacts on the Paliyans who once lived in these hills can still be seen in the Shenbaganur Museum. The South Indian hill resort is steeped in History, set amidst the most scenic surroundings and still enjoys the status of  “Jewel of South Indian Hill Resort”.      
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Highlights : India’s most spectacular beach resort  just 16 kms from Thiruvanathapuram (formerly Trivandrum) Kovalam is a sheltered natural bay.  The setting has an illusory quality  about. A sheet of silvery sand curves into an arch, that is bordered on one side by azure blue waters, and on the other side by a sumptuous spread of green palm groves. A tour which provides complete relaxation with stay at Kovalam, famous for its Eco friendly surroundings & white sandy beaches & exotic Ayurvedic health resorts.
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Highlights : This tour goes to the backwater lagoon resort of South India. Staying at authentic designed wooden cottages and appreciating the rich avifauna in an relaxed environs is the major highlight of this tour.
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Highlights : This tour takes you to the last of the sparingly inhabited island paradise located near the tip of South India. There are abundance of  sea sports facilities located at the Island for a complete relaxed holidays.
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Highlights :  Some of the  anglers paradise and few of the most sought after premier Mahaseer / trout sporting places are included for the pleasure of keen anglers through this tour.
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Highlights : Sprawling tea plantations picture - book town. Winding lanes filled with the heady fragrance of fresh tea...All 1800 meter  above sea level. In act Munnar  has the highest peak in South India - Anamudi which towers over 2695 m. An assortment of wildlife such as the Nilgiris Tahr, Nilgiri  langur, Sambhar, Gaur and the Lion tailed macaque are found in the rich tropical forest around. Set amidst sprawling tea plantations, a picture perfect town, winding lanes filled with heady fragrance of fresh tea. The stay at this South Indian hill resort is an experience in itself during  your India visit.
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Highlights : Set amidst a diverse terrain of river, lake, pond, swamp, hill and jungle are some of the perfect settings for seeing at close hand the most magnificent of wild cats. It is a Kipling’s picture perfect countryside full with bison’s, deer, pythons, wild elephants and to relax there is the Eco Friendly designed period decorated Kabini Riverside Lodge to ward away those relaxed moments.
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Highlights : Cradled in mist shrouded mountains, Periyar nestles close to the dense rain forests of the High Ranges. The luxuriant vegetation, sudden gushing waterfalls & an exhilarating view of the velvet valleys below form a scenic background to the journey up the Ghats. A relaxed tour for participating members who will be taken to the tranquil hill retreat in the Southern India, famous for its diverse well preserved ecosystem with the help of conservationists.
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Highlights : Very few people know of the existence of these places as far less even visit them.  But the occasional visitor and the inquisitive foreigner have managed a trip and soaked in the natural beauty of their surrounding. Fourteen kilometers from Chidambaram is the extensive Pichavaram Mangrove forest. mangrove forest constitute unique ecosystems. They are found in the coastal areas of tropical and sub-tropical regions where the level of the saline water rises and falls with the tides twice every day. No where else in Indian sub - continent you will encounter an unique Eco system as found in Pichavaram. Very few people know of its existence as far less even visit them. It is a place in the deep Southern India for those who can manage to go there and intern get soaked in the natural beauty of their surroundings. A true trip for Eco conscious members.
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Highlights : Sprawled on the Aravali and Vindhya ranges of  Rajasthan, Ranthambore National park encompasses an area of 410 sq. km. with a healthy population of about  40 tigers. This tour takes goes to the North Indian Tiger National Park where the you will appreciate the density of Royal Bengal Tigers, which is highest and this is the National Park where they have been found their conservation project to be best suited.
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Highlights : The Indian Desert which is also known as the Thar Desert, is a continuous part of the contiguous land mass of the great desert of Sahara & Arabia. The desert has a variety of ecologically interesting land forms.  At places water and wind erosion have washed away the soil leaving behind only gravel and stones.  A characteristic feature of all deserts is salt flats of various sizes and depths, mostly shallow which dry after the rains the largest of these flats is the Greater Rann of Kuchchh. Visit to the variety of ecologically interesting land farms; the pride of the Thar desert in Gujarat State is the extinctions Flamingos which nests and breed here in their natural habitat and the tour also takes you to visit of nature’s most enchanting underwater splendour at the marine national park.
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Highlights : Somatheeram, however, is a new take on resorts it is a retreat specializing in Yoga, Ayurvedic and Meditation treatments. It is where people go in pursuits of mental and physical nirvana. Rich with traditional culture and overwhelming natural splendour. The perfect locale for the perfect holiday resort. The resort is located in an spectacular scenic beach with intensive facilities for Yoga, Ayurvedic and Meditation treatments. Somatheeram is on the picturesque Malabar coast 8 km from the renowned tourist center of Kovalam and 21 km South of  Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala.  Set in the tantalizing environment of palm trees and bewitching blue waters, Somatheeram is untouched by the ravages of tourism. Traditionally styled bungalow's and cottages welcome you to a warm, relaxed atmosphere.
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Highlights : Along the extreme southern reaches of West Bengal, the state resembles a coconut palm leaf seen in close up. The land is split by numerous rivers and water channels all emptying into the blue of Bay of Bengal. And throughout the soiled ground is covered by dense forest and vast saline mud flats. This is the area known as Sunderban.  The biggest estuarine forest in the world.  There are no roads in the watery wilderness. The waterways are the only path ways in to the heart of the forest Sunderban is actually composed of 54 tiny island.
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Highlights : 40 Kms from Badrinath spread over an area of 87.5 sq. km, the valley of flowers is one of the most beautiful gardens laid-out by nature, varying in altitude between 3325 and 6500 meters, the small valley barely a 2 km long and half a km wide, holds over 300 species of wild flowers the largest profusion being in bloom during the peak monsoon period from end July to  mid August the sight of an endless no of snow peaks and glaciers at the head of the valley is considered by many as beyond compare elsewhere in the world. The Valley of Flowers falls under the International Bio-Sphere reserves and in the month of July to August one can see more than 250 varieties of flowers in bloom, some of them are rare and this can be once in a lifetime memorable experience for any nature lover.
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