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Highlights : This tour takes you to the last of the sparingly inhabited island paradise located near the tip of South India. There are abundance of  sea sports facilities located at the Island for a complete relaxed holidays.
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[These Eco Tour Programs are best run with minimum 6 travelers to a group & more]

LACCADIVES - Deep in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, lies the last of the enchanted isles. the Lakshwadeep or Laccadive Islands, are a string of little known islands lying approximately 200 miles off the south-west coast of India.

The jewel in the Lakshwadeep is the Bangaram Island. A tear drop - shaped, uninhabited island off the Cochin coast. No intrusions from the every day world. No television, no telephones or news papers. Just a few solace seekers for company. Thirty couples to be exact. Time will be told by the moon, the stars and the tide.

From the small landing strip, board a canopied boat for a one and half hour cruise across a sea like molten sapphires, over the reef , across a still lagoon. And there is a palm shaded Bangaram. Living in thatched spacious huts with all comforts. Discovering the myriad’s forms of undersea life, snorkeling or even Scuba diving to see the enchanted coral garden.

Swimming in crystal sunwarmed waters, sun-bathing feasting on the a wide seafood - topped cuisine & chore spirits and the people who look after you. It is the ultimate gateway.

With the exception of the resort, Bangaram Island is totally uninhabited. The lagoons around the island are beautiful and clear, offering excellent opportunities for swimming , snorkeling and sun bathing. The island of Bangaram is the only resort developed for stay and water sports and it is possible to cruise around the island for the dedicated anglers, Tuna fishing and deep sea fishing and for Marine life lovers there are glass bottom boats available.

The water are crystal clear and immensely rich in a variety of sea life including corals. The resort consists of thirty huts with walls of bamboo and thatched with palm fronds. It has restaurant, a bar and a lounge.


The dive centre at Bangaram is the only one in the Lakshwadeep, hence the sole responsibility to leave the abundance of marine life undisturbed. Feeding of fish has never been practiced here, hence all sea creatures still behave in their natural way. Please help us to maintain it. Do not attempt on turtles or manta rays.

You are welcome to find out for yourself the difference of diving in Lakshwadeep for some of the world famous dive spots. The dive centres caters to beginners and experienced divers. Two boat dives a day in different locations, of which only few are mentioned below:

A dive to maximum of 15 meter with the exposure to the sandy coral reef environment, the likelihood to see sand Eels, Leopard muray eels, Lion fish, Sting rays and White tips sharks.

The reef impressive coral structure descends slowly to 20 meters. Manta rays can be seen throughout the year, but more likely during the September to December and in April / May. Whale sharks are also sighted here. More common are turtles, Nurse sharks and Napoleons.

A submerged hill separated from the main reef , with stronger current, provides a totally different experience the depths of 25 meter. It is usual to see big schools of Jacks, Eagle - rays and Hump heads, the biggest in the Parrat fish family.

A dive to remains of a 200 year old galleon, only recently discovered by us. Also at home to the magical “swinging fish”.

The dive between two vertical walls which from unknown depths of the ocean. Only 6 m apart from each other. Dense with precious black corals, offers a great panoramic view.


Regular air services available from Cochin to Agatti. Four times a week flight from Agatti operates. On Mondays and Fridays the resort operates boat services for all incoming and outgoing guests. Frequent sailing by luxury liner M V Tip Sultan to Agatti are also available.

Double / Twin bedrooms with attached toilet and fresh water, refrigerator, private verandah with total 24 rooms and 48 beds. Twin bedrooms deluxe huts with attached toilets to each bedroom with separate dining and sitting room. Total 3 huts - 6 rooms - 12 beds.

October to March

Round the clock electricity and running water on tap.
For the convenience of the tourists, we will undertake the complete arrangements for the guests including permits, Air / Sea booking, transit accommodation at Cochin, ground / boat transfer, safe keeping of baggage, and receiving at airport / harbour, transit facilities at Agatti and mail / message handling.

A health centre with qualified medical personnel is available at Agatti.

Extensive facilities for water sports and recreation including Kayaks, Glass Bottom boats, Snorkeling equipment’s, Night fishing, Fishing expeditions organised. Day excursion to adjoining uninhabited island. Scuba diving.

NOTE : Given delays and changes of flight schedules, it is essential that incoming and outgoing passenger programmes are arranged providing for at least one day stay at Cochin.

All visitors to Lakshwadeep need an entry permit. Please send us the following information when you make your booking.
Full name, permanent address, nationality, passport number, date and place of issue, date of expiry, profession, date & place of birth.

Giving the logistic problems and the fact that only a few light cottons and swimming wear are required, it is impracticable to carry baggage to the island resort. Guests’ baggage / valuables may be left for safe keeping at the left luggage facility/ safe deposit lockers at Casino Hotel.

Prohibition is in force in all the islands excluding Bangaram. A well stocked bar is available on the resort. Tourists are prohibited from carrying alcoholic beverages even while transiting through Agatti.

- Decompression chamber not available.
- Diving entirely at own risk and management not.

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