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Highlights :  Some of the  anglers paradise and few of the most sought after premier Mahaseer / trout sporting places are included for the pleasure of keen anglers through this tour.  Contact us

[These Eco Tour Programs are best run with minimum 6 travelers to a group & more]

MAHASEER FISHING - There is no doubt that Mahaseer remains Asia’s premier sporting fish. Aptly called “Maha” - great and Seer- head or lion, the Mahaseer retains its status as the prize for all committed fisherman.

To keen angler offers two exclusive packages, one on the Beas, in Himachal Pradesh the other on the Cauvery, in Karnataka.

100 Kms from Bangalore off the village of Bhimeshwari lies the Cauvery fishing camp on the banks of the river Cauvery. The green tents that serve as accommodation blend beautifully with the undisturbed countryside, the food is simple but nourishing and the staff courteous and experienced.

Coracles, circular rustic boats are used for fishing midstream or across the river.
The two species of Mahseer found in the river and Khudree (sykes), Deccan Mahseer and Tour Mussullah (sykes) Humpbacked.

Apart from the Mahseer one can have excellent sport with a variety of fish like Carnatic carp, Kurulu (Pinck carp) and girlu (cat fish)

In the nearby Kabini lodge, situated in the extravagant beauty of wildlife sanctuary. A few nights in the clear, simple lodging offers you the opportunity to relax and look for herds of elephants, shy, graceful deer, burly bison and sometimes big cats and sloth bear an incredible array of birdlife is constantly observed.

Himachal Pradesh with its snow- fed and their numerous tributaries is indeed an Angler’s paradise . Trout can be found in the beas river, its tributaries Parwati, Gadsa in Kulu, Rohru and Chargaon in Shimla district.

Mahseer fish is available in Kangra district at Nadaun, Dehra Gopipur and Pong Dam.

Kangra Valley, one of the most beautiful valleys in India, is also home of the famous Kangra school of miniature paintings.

In the fast and cold glacier- fed rivers of Himachal Pradesh, the Mahseer can prove to be an exciting and challenging oppononent even to the strongest angler. Other species like Trout, Ruhu, Sol and Goonj abound in the river. The Mahseer come in a variety of sizes from 6 to 60 1bs.

Fishing for Mahseer is allowed with all types of bait including live baits. In case of Trout only artificial baits i.e. spinner, fly, plug etc are allowed.

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