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Highlights : Cradled in mist shrouded mountains, Periyar nestles close to the dense rain forests of the High Ranges. The luxuriant vegetation, sudden gushing waterfalls & an exhilarating view of the velvet valleys below form a scenic background to the journey up the Ghats. A relaxed tour for participating members who will be taken to the tranquil hill retreat in the Southern India, famous for its diverse well preserved ecosystem with the help of conservationists.
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[These Eco Tour Programs are best run with minimum 6 travelers to a group & more]

PERIYAR WILDLIFE SANCTUARY - Cradled in mist shrouded mountains. Periyar nestles close to the dense rain forests of the high ranges. The luxuriant vegetation, sudeen gushing waterfalls and on exhilarating view of the velvet valleys below form a scenic background to the journey up the Western Ghats.

Initially protected by the Maharaja of Travancore, the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary covers an area of 775 sq. kms of pristine nature. A safe heaven for the wild to roam freely in a Garden of Eden.

This tranquil hill retreat is accessible only by road. And the journey up is half the pleasure. Winding mountain roads bordered by undulating tea plantations. Flocks of tea-pickers calmly fill their bags in the clear mountain air. And the road winds on to Kumily, a tiny village near the Periyar Sanctuary.

The forests of Periyar are of different types . The open grasslands, the source of food for elephants, gaurs, small wild boars and deer. The deciduous forest, well marked by majestic teak and terminilia that shed their leaves seasonally. Running along wet stream areas and sometimes lying adjacent to the tropical evergreen forest are the semi - evergreen forests, where trees rise up to 40 meters.

Periyar is home to a spectacular variety of animal and birds. The elephant population at Periyar total around 1200. And it is a common sight to see them feeding bathing and swimming in groups. Unlike their African cousins, Indian she elephants have no tusks, another herbivorous commonly sighted is the India Bison. Of course you will never miss the Wild Boar. Otters who are expert fishermen are a common sight along the Lake Periyar forest, naturally harbors very many predators. Tigers, Leopards and Asiatic wild dogs all CO-exist in the sanctuary. Completing the picture of wild animals are the reptiles. Monitor Lizards, Python, King Cobra and other smaller reptiles.

When the Periyar Lake was formed, the native tribesmen of Periyar, the Oorali & Mannan, moved deeper into the forest, away from outskirts of modernity. And till today, they preserve their ancient tribal rites and some of them still live on trees, Their huts are made of bamboo with thatched roofs of long stemmed elephant grass ` , supported by bamboo poles, which blend well with the surrounding greenery of the pepper vine. A continuous verandah runs all along the hut to provide an airy place to spend quiet evenings. Man and nature join hands to form a quiet harmony together, where the past is preserved for the present. And time flows by on a seamles stream.

To preserve this inheritance of untouched beauty of the primitive forest dwellings, spice village has been created as a nature habitat - a modern tribal community set in a fragrant spice garden, where every cottage is built in the same lines as the tribal dwellings. And pepper vines and cardamom bushes grow lush every cottage.

The comforts of modernity with the harmony of the primitive - spice village, where the rhythms of nature measure each passing day. And the surrounding quiet of the land is punctuated by the chirping of the crickets and the haunting melody of the cuckoo.

Revel in the swirling pools of silence or take a stroll down to the Periyar Lake. Go on a boat Safari where you can watch wild animals from the safety of your boat. Elephants moving slowly, while the young one feed on the tender shoots of elephant grass from the edge of the lake. The jungle treks on foot or jeep will bring you face to face with rich vegetation and wildlife.

Plantation visits to the high hills and low valleys on jeep is an experience that should never be missed. Perhaps even share a cup garden fresh coffee with a planter or select your pick from the freshest of the spices, straight from the spice gardens.

Periyar is the garden of India. The crisp climate, the gentle slopes of fertile grassland and bright sunlight combine to make Periyar and ideal home for Spice gardens. From pepper and cardamoms to cinnamon and cloves. Pepper plants grow wild on the hillsides. While the surrounding tea plantations give off fragrances to fresh tea in the calm crystalline air.


Madurai 90 miles / 145 kms.
Cochin 118 miles / 190 kms
Both these cities are the nearest airports with direct flight connections from the gateway cities of Delhi and Mumbai respectively.

37 thatched villas with bath in a sprawling spice garden.

June to August - Monsoon
September to January - Cool and pleasant.
February to May - Dry but excellent for viewing wild life.


International and ethnic with special emphasis on garden fresh spices and tropical foods and vegetables. All meals are buffet.

Boat safari in Lake Periyar.

Jungle Trek, Plantation visit, Swimming pool, Cycle expeditions and visit tribal village.

3000 feet above sea level.

Cottons for the day, light woolens for evening and early mornings.

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