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Special Interest Tour to India



Duration : 22 nights / 23 days

Cities covered :
Delhi, Dehradun, Mussorie, Dhanolti, Gangotri, Bhojbasa, Gaumukh, Tehri, Gaurikund, Kedarnath, Sonprayag, Chopta, Mandal, Badrinath, Delhi

Highlights :
Garhwal Himalayas abounds in unsurpassed mountain scenic beauty. The pilgrim trail, the sky kissing snow capped mountains, alpine forests, flowers of unsurpassed beauty are some of the highlights of the tour.
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[These Special Interest Tour Programs are best run with minimum 6 travelers to a group & more]

The romance and colour of India greets you as you disembark from your jet in Bombay - A metropolis of vitality and energy. Our representative escorts you to the hotel.
Overnight at hotel.

This morning take a short flight to Ahmedabad - Built in 1415 by Ahmed Shah the Sultan of the city. It is industrial capital of the state and the largest textile centre of India. Five hundred years history left its mark on the city and its environs are dotted with impressive monuments, many in the elegant indo - saracenic style reflecting both Hindu and Muslim influence. Our representative escorts you to the hotel.

This afternoon you would be accompanied by the Professor from the School of Architecture who would show you the masterpiece of modern architecture. Architecture of repute like Le Corbusier, Charles Correa and Louis Kahn, who has greatly contributed towards modern architecture. The various creations by these architects are testimony to the fact that they have been able to express individual social and religious traditions and values through their various creations. And the secretions could be termed as new dimensions in modern architecture, since these are not an expression of utilization but in terms of culture Loius Kahn and Le Corbusier were the two main mentors whose lesson Mr. B.V. Doshi struggled to synthesize their philosophy in a way, which could deal with Indian conditions. There are many buildings in Ahmedabad which bear the signature of these four genius, which could be witnesses from these living example.

House of Mrs. Manorama Sarabhai
Year: 1955
Architect: Le Corbusier

Villa Shoudhan
Architect: Louis Kahn

Indian Institute of Management
Year: 1954
Architect: Louis Kahn

Ramakrishna House
Year: 1980
Architect: Charles Correa

Gandhi Labour Institute
Year: 1980
Architect: B.V. Doshi
Overnight at hotel.

Morning depart for Poshina. It is a peaceful village and an ideal base for visits to the neighbouring tribal hamlets of the Bhils who claims 4000 years of history in the Aravallis and the Garacias, famous for their traditional colourful attires and artistic ornaments. Pastoral tribes of this region include the Rabaries. Typical craft around the area include tribal arrow crafting, bow stringing, basket weaving and pottery and you can shop for silver jewellery locally made knives and terra cotta figurinces of the tribal Horse God.

Arrive and check in at Darbargadh Poshina. Lunch at Poshina.
At 1500 hrs Jeep safari into the village to see Garacia tribals in their colourful costumes and beautiful silver jewellery. Visit followed by folk dances with camp fire in village.
At 2100 hrs return to hotel for overnight at stay.

Morning depart for Zainabad - it is small Nawab state. Famous for Wild Ass which can be sighted with ease and a feel of the desert. Arrive Modhera and Lunch.

At 1430 hrs visit the sun Temple - Modhera. Sun Temple built in 1026 A.D. during the reign of King Bhimdev 1 of Solanki dynasty. The temple is dedicated to the Sun God and stands high on a plinth overlooking a deep stone steeped tank. Every inch of the edifice both inside and outside is carved with God and Goddesses. It is so designed that a the Solar Equinoxes the first days of the rising Sun lit up the image of Surya. Modhera temple still retains enough of its structure to convey the grandeur of its conception and its superb artistry of execution.
At 1600 hrs departs for Zainabad.
At 1800 hrs arrive and check in at desert coursers camp – The Kooba camp is secluded simple, well organised and staffed. These are comfortable furnished with beds and linen,, and all bath with running water, electricity and all essential amenities. Conditions are clean and safe. Hot tasty meals are served budget style; with barbeques and open camp fires. Boiled filtered and drinking water. Bottled minerals soft drinks and beverages are provided. Rest of the day free.
At 2000 hrs witness fold dances.
Overnight at camp.

This morning Jeep safari in little Rann of Kutch,, locally known as Tikker the Rann or the Desert,, is a vast 5000 sq. kms. Featureless, salty dust bowls where in summer there’s not a blade of grass to see and yet some wild Asses and animals survive here! You can break all land speed records as you will not come across a single fist sized stone for miles! The vast stretches bereft of trees have everything that Walf Dynasty’s “Living Desert” has plus the Indian Wild Ass making last valiant efforts to service in am alien and hostile environment. It is India’s second largest wildlife sanctuary which has no human population as man can not survive here for the water which is salty and supports only certain scrub. In the monsoon,, the desert blooms, but in winter it blushes! Cacti flowers and Rosy Flamingos set the skies ablaze with their brilliant pink! There are no sand dunes here as in the Sahara or the Thar Desert. The low lying area becomes a salty sea full of Marshes with vegetational islands (Oasis) called Bets. Every year the salinity increase, making life more difficult for the unique hardy animals and plants in view of the only terrain of its kind in the World it offers possibilities of real hard core adventure. Your day starts with an exciting Action Photography. The best way to chase the wild Ass is thundering down the hard desert, fleeing Bluebulls and graceful leaping Gazelles. Photography lovers and film makers will rarely have been such sights before. Tourist have made some of the finest action films of dashing Wild Ass and Stampeding herbs of Bluebells or vast congregations of wintering Cranes. Return to the camp for lunch.

At 1530 hrs
safari in the Runn. Enroute visit villages of surrounding area to see their life style. After Sunset you will embark on a Camel Safari in the fullmoon night in little Rann of Kuchchh. Moonlight does many strange things to man, particularly in these exotic solitudes. A Camel carvan will slowly but surely take you into the unknown timeless of the Indian Desert,, the cradle of many a civilization. You will never forget this Arabian nights journey and remember all the haunting wild lifting shallows and the strange whispering sounds! Overnight at camp.

At 0930 hrs depart for Wankaner - a formerly princely state is world famous for its Kathi horse breeding programme. Arrive and check in at Ranjit Vilas Palace - The Prince has a gorgeous Palace that is now a tourist resort with vast grounds and a large step well for a grand swimming pool! Lunch at the Main Palace.
At 1530 hrs Horse riding to the surrounding Bharavad Villages. The former Prince of Wankaner, known as the Maharaja, keeps a find stable of the best light Kathiawari horses for selective breeding and for preserving the race.
At 1630 hrs returns to the main palace to witness folk dance, and visit the private museum of Maharaja followed by Dinner with Royal family.
Overnight at Palace.

Morning depart to Bhuj, built by Rao Khangar I (1548 - 85) and was rules by his successor till 1948. The city wall 10.5 meter high and forming an irregular Polygon,, has five gates and towers at regular intervals. it is famous for its handicrafts, Bandhani & Hand printed Saris, Embroidery and needle work, exquisite gold and silver ornaments etc. Arrive and check in Garha Safari Lodge.

Day 8 - BHUJ / TUGA / NEER
At 0630 hrs depart for Tuga beyond Khavda.
Arrive Tuga and breakfast. Later on start on Camel back for Neer Wandh village. Lunch at Neer. Afternoon free. Overnight at camp.

At 0700 hrs after breakfast depart with packed lunch to Flamingo city.
The Flamingos distribute in the desert by late November with the Juveniles and stay along the extensively long shores of salt lakes, till the end of June. Their curved bills, placed upside down help them to sieve floating micro-organisms distributed by puddling the mud flates. Lesser flamingos also arrive, probably, from East Africa and feed with larger ones in the desert marches. The pick up smaller microbes which are left behind by the greater flamingoes. The spectacle of 100, 000 nests and nearly 300, 000 flamingos in the salt flat Runn is one of treasured moments for a photograph.
At 1600 hrs start return journey to the camp.
At 2000 hrs arrive at camp. Overnight at camp.

At 0700 hrs after breakfast depart with packed lunch to Flamingo city. The flamingo make truncated nest mounds in the marsh land of the Greater Runn is challenge. For demoiselle cranes, the desert is enroute to warmer lands. Thousands of cranes cross the Thar in early winter. They are mostly heard in flight and occasionally seen along the salt flats. At 1600 hrs start to return to camp. Overnight at camp.

Day 11 - NEER / KHAWDA
After breakfast depart for Khawda, on the way back to the camp visit Khawda, ludaiya, Bhirandiyara and Abdula vand.

At 0700 hrs depart for Jamnagar with packed lunch. A royal city and true representative of Saurashtra region of Gujarat. On the way visit various villages of Saurashtra region and experience their culture. Also visit Khijadiya Pelican and Bird sanctuary.
Arrive at 1800 hrs and check in at hotel President. Overnight at hotel.

After breakfast visit Marine National park. The Gulf of Kachchh is one of the very few places to have many rare and colourful Corals: Marine Bhota and Mangrove Swamps vital to marine ecology. It covers and area of 500 sq. kms. from Okha to Sachana,, on the North Western coast of Saurasthtra. The Marine National Park is India’s first national marine sanctuary.


Clear crystal waters give you an opportunity of doing brave adventurous diving, underwater photography or scuba diving (you must have your own equipment and a life jacket for such sports). Here you will be above to touch Puffer fish, Sea-urchins, Octopus, Ridley’s Turtles and Sea Dolphins! And a chance to take photographs of this unknown treasures.
If you are lucky you may find an outsize pearl of rate lustre ! with your underwater photography can reveal the secrets of the Corals, the sea horse and the colourful ink-throwing squids. There are hardly any sharks about in the cold winter waters!
At 1430 hrs returns to the hotel for lunch.
At 1600 hrs depart for Gondal - one of the most powerful princely state of four major Jadeja rulers states in Saurashtra region of Gujrat.
At 1900 hrs arrive and check in at River side palace.
Overnight at hotel.

Depart for Sasan Gir enroute visiting Junagarh. An ancient city surrounded in Myth and legend lies at the foot of Mount Girnar and takes its name from old fort which is encircled by a wall that is in some places 10 mts high. An ornate gateway to the medieval period Rajput palace, an ancient Buddhist caves and two deep wells. On way to Girnar, fourteen rock edicts of the emperor Ashoka can be seen inscribed on a great boulder dates back 250 B.C. Later On visit of Tomb of the mother of the last Nawab of Junagarh Mahabat Khan III and diwan Bahauddin which are the bets examples of Muslim architecture.
At 1300 hrs continue to Sasangir.
At 1430 hrs Arrive and check in at the Taj Gir Lodge - situated on the edge of the world renowned Gir Forest which is the only home of the Asiatic Lion. the Lodge has well appointed guest rooms with running hot & cold water. Late afternoon a visit to the Sidi (Negroid race of African origin) village of woodcutters, at Jambur or Shirwon,, will be arranged where the Sidis will perform Zulu style Calypso and Bango Dances known as Dhamal that has a spiritually affecting vigorous tempo and the tourist will love to dance with the Sidis. Overnight at Lodge.

The Gir Lion Sanctuary stretches over an area of 1412 sq. kms. where the kind of the beasts,, the Lion,, roams freely about and can be seen from fairly close range. This Sanctuary which today boasts of 312 wild Lions is also home for a wide variety of smaller animals. The Asiatic Lion (Panthera Leo Persica,) that once roamed a wide stretch of land from Greece to India,, covering Asia Minor and Persia, is today confirmed to this arid stretch of Sasan Gir, other predatory species, the Panther or the Leopard, the Hayena the Caracal, Civet the Lynx etc. can after be chanced upon. Among the ungulates,, the Sambar (stag), Chittal or spotted Deer (Axis axis), Nilgia or the Bull (Boselaphus tragocamelus), Chinkara or India Gazelle (Gazelle Gazelle Benetti) and the four horned Antelope or Chausingha (Treacherous Quardricornis) are a routine feature at Gir. Had Gir not been designated a Lion Sanctuary, it would surely have been established as a major Bird Sanctuary. Sasan Gir therefore holds tremendous possibilities of high adventure such as the making of an action packed video/film or the Indian Lion making a deer kill! Jeep safari,, trekking, Nature Trails, camping and Aboriginal Dancing.

There are few things more spectacular in the world than a full blooded :Lion Charge” No Indian or International film maker has been able to record an Indian Lion’s Natural Kill (such films of the Ranthambore Tiger & the African Lion do exist,, but alas ! not of the Indian Lion!). Sasan Gir Sanctuary offers tourist a chance for this out of the world adventure. Overnight at lodge.

At 0700 hrs departs for Ahmedpur Mandavi on the Southern most tip of Saurastra have some of the finest sand dunes and low lulling waves. Ideal place for swimming, sailing scuba diving, spear fishing or harpooning (life jackets and your own equipment is a must!). Enroute visit Somnath temple one of the most sacred and first eternal Shiva temple of India. According to legend Somnath is an old creation, created by no other then Soma, the Moon God himself. Somnath was sacked thirteen times and rebuilt again. Arrive Ahmedpur Mandvi and check in at Magico do Mar.

At 0800 hrs visit Diu, which has been one of the oldest bastians of the Portuguese power. Before the advent of the alien rulers, this strategically sensitive enclave has been part of both Hindu and Muslim empires in Gujarat.

A light fishing country - craft will take the tourist on a voyage of discovery from the tourist on a voyage of discovery from the Samudra beach to Diu’s splendid Nagpa beach, going round the old Fort. A colourful local musical party will be entertaining the tourist on the boat. Tourists and Indian fisherman will manage the boat jointly and the sea going vessel will be captioned by a tourist and assisted by a local fisherman. There will be fishing, diving or just swimming. It will be a journey to remember with plenty of fun and frolic. Sumptuous lunch will be served on board the worthy vessel. A topping time is promised to all own undertaking this adventurous voyage in the deep sea. The voyage would discover an Indian island having one of the most beautiful and exotic beach.

Later on this beautiful and virgin beach,, a traditional Portuguese dance and musical party with a barbeque dinner and drinks possibly on a full moon night, when the sea is at its colourful best. We are sure it would be an out of the world experience and a eventful memorable holiday. Return to Ahmedpur Mandvi for overnight stay.

At 0700 hrs depart for Bhavnagar founded as a port in 1723; Bhavnagar is still an important trading post for the cotton goods manufactured in Gujrat. The Bhavnagar lock gate keeps ships afloat in the city’s port at low tide. Arrive and check in at Neelam Bagh Palace - or Turquoise Garden,, as built in the early part of this century by Maharaja Sri Krishna Kumar Singhji. Situated in the midst of over 40,,000 sq. meters of lawns & thick woods, the Palace is built of grayish brown stone, Hand crafted furniture, Czechoslovakian chandeliers, original oil paintings & a colonnaded swimming pool, are just a few of the Palace’s many delights. Overnight at Palace.

Morning depart for Ahmedabad.
Arrive and check in at hotel.
Rest of the day free.
Overnight at hotel.

Morning depart for Udaipur - a beautiful city of lakes, palaces and fountains still evoking the rich sensibilities of a royal lineage long gone by, leaving only this dreamy city to continue forever. Arrive and check in at Hotel Lake Palace - like a fantastic mirage, the Lake Palace Hotel arises from the azure waters of Lake Pichola. Ordained as a summer retreat by the Maharanas of Mewar in 1628, it is today a dazzling edifice of Pavilions, domes and courtyards. One of the ten most beautiful hotels on earth exclaim the world’s discerning travellers and writers. This afternoon you visit City palace - now a museum, completely white and majestic, the royal palace stands on a hill, surrounded by crenallede walls. It is a labyrinth of courtyards richly decorated with inland mirror work, galleries covered with frescoes, temples and kiosks. In the old town the Jagdish temple built in mid 17th century has a remarkable bronze statue. Visit the exquisitely fashioned Shahelion-ki-Bari or Garden of maids of honour with fountains. A lotus pond chhatris & kiosks of black marble. Overnight at Palace.

This morning take a two hours flight to Delhi - India’s splendid capital. Founded on the site of several cities, it has been the seat of power for centuries. Today old and New city combine to present a harmonious whose offering the traveler elegant shops, broad laburnum lines avenues, sun warmed elegant forts and mosques that were once stronghold of mughal powers and colorful bazaars. Our representative escorts you to the hotel. Rest of the day free. Overnight at hotel.

Day 22 - DELHI
This morning you will start a combined city tour Old and New Delhi. An aura of history is everywhere in Old Delhi. Red Fort with its majestic ramparts and Jama Masjid one of Asia’s largest mosques. You will also make a stop at Rajghat - Mahatma Gandhi’s final resting place. New Delhi is well planned with wide lined avenues, fountains and parks. Colonial architecture dominates this part of the city. You will drive along the ceremonial avenues of Rajpath and view the splendid Presidential palace,, the circular Parliament House and impressive Diplomatic Enclave. Farewell cocktail & dinner at our Chairman’s palatial residence

Your India experience comes to an end as you are transferred to International airport to board your home bound flight.

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