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Allahabad City
Allahabad, According to Hindu mythology, for the 'Prakrishta Yagna', Lord Brahma, the creator - God of the Trinity, chose a piece of land on earth, on which the three rivers - the Ganga, the Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati - would flow into a quiet confluence. That land, blessed by the Gods, came to be called 'Prayag' or 'Allahabad', as it is known today.

Sangam, The sacred Sangam is the confluence of three of the holiest rivers in Hindu mythology - Ganga, Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati. It is believed that it is at the Sangam, that a few drops of the nectar 'Amrit Bindu' fell .. making its waters truly magical.

Patalpuri Temple, Within this underground temple, inside the fort, lies the Akshayavat - or the immortal tree.

Ashoka Pillar, This gigantic Ashoka pillar, of polished sandstone, stands 10.6 m high, dating back to 232 B.C. The pillar has several edicts, and a Persian inscription of Emperor Jahangir inscribed on it, commemorating his accession to the throne.

Access by Air:
The nearest airports to Allahabad are in Varanasi and Lucknow.

Access by Rail:
Allahabad is well connected to the major cities and has 4 railway stations. Some of India’s fastest trains like the Rajdhani and Magadh run from the metropolitan cities like Delhi and Calcutta to Allahabad.

Access by Road:
It is easy to reach Allahabad with the efficient bus services connecting to all the major cities.

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