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Bhopal City
Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, is a fascinating amalgam of scenic beauty, historicity and modern urban planning. It is situated on the site of a 11th century city, Bhojapal, founded by Raja Bhoja. The founder of the existing city was however an Afghan soldier of fortune, Dost Mohammed. Fleeing from Delhi in the chaotic period that followed Aurangazeb's death, Dost Mohammed encountered the beautiful Gond queen Kamalapati, who sort his aid after the murder of her consort.

A charming legend relates how the queen would recline in lotus barge, that on moonlit nights, would drift across the lake. The two lakes of Bhopal still dominate the city, and are indeed its nucleus. Bordered along their shores stand silent sentinels that testify to the growth of a city.

Taj-ul-Masjid, This towering edifice is said to be the largest mosque in the country. The building of this tower was begun by Shah Jehan Begum (1868-1901) but was incomplete even at the time of her death. This great queen, Bhopal's eighth ruler, left many monuments in the city and to her goes the credit for Bhopal's postal system, railways and waterworks.The most striking features of the mosque are the impressive main hall with its inter-arched roof, broad facade, spacious courtyard and smooth marble floors.

Jama Masjid, Built in 1837, by Kudsia Begum, this is a beautiful mosque with gold spikes crowning the minarets. It is said that centuries earlier, a queen of King Upayadita Paramara (1059-80 AD), grandson of Raja Bhoja, founded a temple here known as Sabha Mandala in 1184 A. D.

Tribal Habitat, An open air exhibition of tribal house types located on the Shamla hills, the tribal habitat is a presentation of actual-size dwellings typical of contemporary tribal cultures in various states of India. The exhibition highlights architectural features and has elaborately displayed interiors. The surroundings have been reconstructed to match some of the interesting environmental features of tribal villages.

Access by Air :
Regular flights connect Bhopal with Delhi, Gwalior, Indore and Bombay.

Access by Rail :
Bhopal is on the Delhi-Madras main line. Major trains going from Bombay to Delhi via Itarsi and Jhansi also go through Bhopal.

Access by Road :
Regular bus services connect Bhopal with Indore (186 km), Mandu (285 km), Ujjain (188 km), Khajuraho (383 km), Panchmarhi (195 km), Gwalior (423 km), Sanchi (46 km), Jabalpur (295 km) and Shivpuri (311 km).

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