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Gwalior City
Gwalior, has played a great role in the history of India and it is described as the pearl in the necklace of the castles of India. The history of Gwalior dates back to 8th century A.D., when its chieftain, Suraj Sen, was cured of leprosy by a hermit-saint, Gwalipa. Out of sheer gratitude, Suraj Sen named the city after his saviour.

Gwalior Fort, is the city's most renowned landmark, its walls housing several fascinating temples and palaces in ruins. Its glorious history dates back to more than a thousand years. Looming at a height of 100 metres over the city, the fort hill is around 3 kms in length.

Man Mandir Palace, an erstwhile music hall, was built by Raja Man Singh during 1486 and 1517, for the royal ladies of the palace. It is generously adorned with blue, green and yellow tilework creating patterns of flora and fauna on its exteriors.

Jai Vilas Palace, located in the new town, belongs to the Scindia family. Although the current ruler still lives in a portion of the palace, a large part of it is now a museum designed by Lt. Col. Sir Michael Filose.

Access by Air :
Gwalior can be reached through airways by Indian Airlines flights. The flight reaches Gwalior from all the major cities thrice in a week.

Access by Rail :
Gwalior is well connected by railways from Delhi and major cities. It is the stop over between the Delhi–Bombay and Delhi–Madras rail link.

Access by Road :
Through roadways it is easy to reach Gwalior from Agra that is 118 km, Delhi is distanced at 321 km, and Khajuraho at 275 km.

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